We Invite You To Join!

Membership in Brownsville Yacht Club offers:

  •  Year-around boating fun for people of all levels of experience, ages, and family sizes - cruises, parties, and get-togethers!!!

  •  Reciprocal privileges with more than 95 yacht clubs in Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia.

  •  A large club house located at Brownsville Marina which can be rented for parties or other events, as well for casual use by members when not booked for other club use.

  •  A friendly, unpretentious way to get more fun from boating.

  •  Opportunities to meet new friends who share an interest in boating and cruising.

  •  More opportunities to get out on your boat and have fun.

  •  Access to lots of boating and cruising knowledge.

Benefits of Membership Information

BVYC Membership Application

Bylaws of Brownsville Yacht Club

What is a yacht? A yacht is a sail or power-driven vessel, usually private (not a "working" vessel), that is used for pleasure and is typically designed for overnight or long-distance use. As such, it usually has sleeping space (berths or staterooms), cooking space (a galley), and "necessary" space (heads).  Size alone does not define a yacht!

Brownsville Yacht Club operates by and for the participation of its members.   It conducts various activities year round for the benefit of its members and the local boating community.  Upon acceptance into the club, new members are encouraged to become involved in the many activities that are offered.  We hope you will join us!

Please contact the Vice Commodore at 360 447 8715 or by email for membership information.


Updated 16 May 2018